Nearly everyone runs their air conditioning as summer approaches. Additionally, you’ll probably use your air conditioner frequently if you prefer a cooler environment indoors. If you use your AC frequently, you want to avoid any issues that could damage your air conditioner. The first step is understanding the potential causes of your AC unit, perhaps failing to chill your home.

Causes of Your AC's Inadequate Cooling and Solutions:

  • The Thermostat Was Set to “ON” Rather Than “AUTO.”

Does your air conditioner occasionally blow cool air and sometimes lukewarm air? The fan setting could then be changed to “ON,” which would cause the fan to run continuously, even if the air wasn’t being cooled.

Solution: Set the thermostat to AUTO mode.

  • Soiled Air Filter

You’re heating and AC’s air flow is decreased by a dirty air filter, which can lead to several issues:

Your home’s AC has trouble circulating enough cool air.
Your home receives minimal cooling.

Solution: Regularly check the air filter and replace it if it is dirty.

  • A Malfunctioning or Damaged Condenser Fan Motor

The outside unit’s fan cannot help dissipate heat if the fan motor is damaged, which prevents the Lancaster heating and air from cooling your home.

Solution: Get a pro for air conditioner repair.

  • Low Refrigerant Charge or Leaks in the System

The substance known as a refrigerant is what takes the heat out of your air. When you don’t have enough, your air conditioner can’t remove heat from the air effectively. Refrigerant leak warning signs include:

    • Ice buildup on the exterior unit and the refrigerant line.
    • Hissing or bubbling sounds.
    • The AC can’t chill the house on scorching days, but it works well at night and on cool days.

Solution: Turn off your air conditioning and contact a specialist immediately if you notice these symptoms. Running the AC while in this condition can slug the compressor and permanently harm it. Contact a specialist for air conditioner repair in Lancaster, OH if the issue persists.

  • A Bad Compressor

The compressor circulates refrigerant between the interior and outside unit like blood, acting as the brain of the air conditioning system. The AC will not be able to cool your air if damaged.

Solution: The compressor might need to be replaced if there is a problem. Sadly, the compressor is exceptionally pricey. Therefore, you’ll probably need to replace a complete outside unit unless a warranty still covers it.

  • Dirty Outdoor Unit

Here’s how your air conditioner works to chill your home: the inside unit, or evaporator, takes heat from the air and distributes it to the outdoor unit (called the condenser). However, it cannot disperse heat if the condenser is unclean or clogged with debris.


    • Use a garden hose on a low setting to gently spray the outdoor unit.
    • Don’t blast it on high or risk damaging the fins that let air flow through and cool the condenser.
    • Remove any weeds that are encroaching on the AC unit as well. Please give it some room to breathe!

You can typically prevent the pain of a damaged air conditioner by hiring an HVAC expert like Roy Mechanical LLC to analyze your system regularly. An in-depth check and tune-up should spot issues before they become bigger ones. Contact us at 740-777-2597 or drop us a mail for air conditioning in Zanesville.