5 Reasons to Repair Your Air Conditioning Leak

The liquid that cools hot air is refrigerant (coolant). The air conditioning system takes heat from the air and returns it to you chilled.  The refrigerant used in air conditioners is called Freon. If your air conditioner in Zanesville is working properly, no Freon is released into the atmosphere, and there is no concern. 5 […]

5 Common Myths About Air Conditioning

Although modern air conditioning units are designed for efficiency, there are particular false beliefs many people still cling to when it comes to their energy bill and air conditioning. Air conditioning in Zanesville has existed for many years, but many people still have trouble distinguishing certain air conditioning facts from fiction. Most Common Myths About […]

When To Schedule Maintenance for the Home AC Unit?

When AC companies in Somerset suggest air conditioning repair or maintenance, it can be an easy suggestion just to pass over. Unless something is extremely wrong with your cooling system (such as you aren’t receiving any cool air in the middle of a summer night), you may be tempted to put off calling an expert, […]

Five Incredible Ways To Increase Your Air Conditioners Efficiency

Today 87% of homeowners in the United States use an air conditioner in their homes, and ACs take up to 12% of their home energy expenses. However, over time as the energy efficiency of their air cooling system decreases, power bills skyrocket. There can be various reasons behind the decline in your air conditioner’s performance, but you […]

Reliable Heating Replacement at Roy Mechanical, LLC

With the winter season intensifying with every passing week, having well-maintained central heating at home is a must, especially in Newark, OH, and other surrounding areas that experience severe winters during this time of the year.  Moreover, central gas heating will ensure your loved ones are kept warm and comfortable at home at all times. […]