Annual HVAC services can prevent many expensive repairs, but they cannot eradicate all the repair requirements altogether. Over time, heating systems degrade with continuous usage. Although, if you fix your HVAC malfunctions promptly, you will not have to spend too much on repairs. A timely heating repair also ensures that you don’t have to look for furnace installation before its expected lifespan is over.

If you are looking for heater repairs in Zanesville, furnace installation or other HVAC services in Lancaster, OH, look no further than Roy Mechanical LLC. Some usual heating failures can be prevented from expanding with annual maintenance and immediate repairs.

Six common heater repairs in Zanesville

The common HVAC problems any homeowner may face during the winter season are the following:

Gas or coolant leak

A flue pipe or pilot light defect can cause a carbon monoxide leak. You can detect a carbon monoxide leak in two ways. If the flame color changes to yellow, it indicates a gas leak.

Installing the carbon monoxide detector also helps in detecting carbon monoxide leaks. On the other hand, any damage in the ductwork can cause a refrigerant leak. If you smell a sweet fruity smell, the antifreeze is leaking.

Contact us for a quick HVAC repair in Lancaster, OH, to fix it. When your furnace leaks carbon monoxide, you should immediately switch off the HVAC and vacate the room. Then, call the expert for an emergency repair.

Cold air from HVAC

When your HVAC blows cold air during winter, you need an HVAC repair. The compressor failure can be the root cause of cold air.

The compressor is the most expensive part of the central heating unit. If the compressor needs a replacement, it is better to contact our expert furnace installation in Lancaster, Ohio to assist you.

High operation cost

If your HVAC system in Lancaster, OH, consumes too much electricity and increases the running cost, it lacks the seasonal maintenance service. You should schedule a heating maintenance service to limit the energy consumption of your HVAC system.

HVAC not working

When the heater suddenly stops working, the reason can be common heating mistakes like a closed gas valve, tripped breaker, and inaccurately calibrated thermostat.

If these are not the problems, the HVAC damage needs a heater repair or furnace replacement by our professional.

Strange HVAC noises

When your HVAC produces weird noises such as vibration, buzzing, rattling, or gurgling, several reasons and flaws can be responsible for this. Therefore, you need to schedule a service for AC contractor in Newark, to know the exact reason for the strange operation noises of the furnace.

Unequal heating

Sometimes, you may experience good heating in one corner of the room and cold spots in the other. It means your HVAC is not blowing air evenly. It is when you need to schedule to seek our professional to troubleshoot the unequal heating.


When you notice an unusual heating operation, you should schedule a repair service immediately to fix the damage before they become irreparable. Roy Mechanical LLC can help you with heater repair in Zanesville and air conditioner repair in Lancaster, OH and the surrounding areas.

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