When the circuit breaker for your air conditioner keeps tripping, it’s a sign that something is seriously wrong and needs repair immediately. When there is a short circuit, the AC is overworking or malfunctioning, the breaker trips, and your air conditioner shuts off.

If you keep running the air conditioner, you may cause irreparable damage to it. If your air conditioning in Zanesville keeps blowing fuses, it may be time to call in the experts. There could be many reasons for the issue and each calls for a unique approach to fixing the problem.

Top Reasons Why Your AC is Tripping a Circuit

The Air Filters are Blocked With Dirt

Air conditioning systems draw in the air, which must be cleaned so that dust and other particles don’t get trapped inside. As the air is drawn into a filtration system, the filter will become clogged with dust and other particles. If the air filter is dirty, the air conditioner will have to work harder, using more energy and possibly tripping a breaker.

There is Insufficient Refrigerant

An air conditioner uses refrigerant to cool the air in your home. Therefore, the AC will need more power to accomplish the same task it does when running on a lower setting. Overloading the circuit breaker will cause a power cut-off. Your system will overheat and possibly be damaged if you do this.

The Electrical Connections Are Loose

The wiring and parts of an air conditioner will deteriorate over time. The insulation on the wires will wear down and potentially connect if they become loose, leading to short circuits. Wear and tear or the inevitable failure of parts like transistors mean that electrical elements need to be fixed by AC service in Lancaster, OH.

The Outside Unit is Dirty

A refrigerant is used to cool the air sucked into the indoor unit, and this cooled air is vented from the outdoor unit. When the outdoor unit becomes too dirty and is unable to disperse heat properly, this can cause the circuit breakers to trip. Since the dirt is blocking the vents, the AC will have to work harder, eventually tripping the breaker.

The Motor Has Shorted

Your air conditioner’s electric motors put in long hours of work. When the motors run too hot for too long, the insulation on the wires can break down. It results in a short circuit in which electricity flows around the intended path. The wires will overheat, melt, and catch fire because the shortcut allows more electricity to flow through them than they can handle.

The Compressor Has Failed

The compressor can be harmed by the system overheating in extremely hot weather. The air from the air conditioner won’t be as cool because there’s too much refrigerant. Too many system restarts can be harmful to the compressor. When electrical incidents occur, the fuse can blow.

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