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Boilers heat water, and the steam or hot water is distributed through your home’s radiator system, providing heat to rooms that need it. Boilers are usually fueled by gas but sometimes use oil or coal. If you’re facing issues with your boiler, call experts for boiler repair services.

As the winter approaches, it is essential to take steps to keep yourself warm and healthy. Boilers are an often overlooked component of your home that can cause you trouble. One problem that can arise with a boiler is a failure in the heat exchanger leading to steam leaking into the home and requiring boiler and heater repair in Zanesville.

Boiler repairs in Somerset, OH can occur for various reasons such as pressure switch problems, improper venting, etc. It will differ depending on the type of boiler you have, but our certified technicians can help with whatever boiler services you need.

Boiler Maintenance and Tune-Ups

Boilers need annual inspections to ensure optimum performance throughout the cool Winter season. If you have not scheduled an inspection for your unit, call Roy Mechanical today! This way, any potential issues with your system will be identified and dealt with before they become problematic for your home this Winter.

Boiler tune-ups help extend the life of your boiler while also increasing efficiency. To ensure it’s operating properly, our technicians will check all boiler components, including controls, combustion systems, pressure gauges, and safety mechanisms. Along with boiler tune-up, we also provide services of furnace tune-up in Lancaster, Ohio.

If you’re facing any issues with your boiler system and live in Somerset, Lancaster, Zanesville, and surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to contact our technicians at Roy Mechanical today.

Boiler Repairs and Replacements in Somerset, Ohio

There are several signs that your boiler may require repairs or a replacement. If you notice constant problems with the unit or fail to produce heat at all, we recommend calling us, and we’ll send a service technician right away. There are some things you need to look out for if your system requires a boiler repair:

  • Boilers need air and fuel to operate correctly. If either of these two vital components has been cut off from the boiler, there will likely be an issue. In that case, shut down power to the combustion blower and ensure proper ventilation around your unit to avoid letting carbon monoxide leak into your home. If you have a gas boiler, turn off natural gas feeding into the unit and call a professional for any needed repairs.
  • Boilers that have not been used in a while may also require emergency boiler repair services. If your boiler sits for extended periods without use, you should bleed the unit before using it again. This will remove any air from the burner compartment so fuel can be properly distributed when turned on.

If this step was not completed when your boiler was shut off, do it before you turn it on to avoid potential problems. It can also occur due to a problem with a pressure switch or inadequate ventilation around the boiler. Get expert services of HVAC repair in Lancaster.

Why Boiler Services are Necessary?

Whatever the type of issue you are experiencing, contact a service technician right away to get your heating running efficiently once more.

  • Boiler repairs in Somerset, OH can be necessary if your boiler is leaking. Boilers are set up to contain water, so if you notice this occurring, there may be an issue with the boiler requiring emergency boiler repair services. If this happens, shut off the power to the unit and contact a professional.
  • Noticing strange sounds or smells coming from your boiler? This could indicate that you need a boiler repair. Try reducing thermostat settings if it continues to produce these sounds. Also check around the outside of your unit for any debris that may be causing obstructions or noises.

Turn off all burners and flues until our professionals do an inspection as combustible gas leaks are very dangerous. This can be caused by inadequate airflow to the boiler, low water pressure in the system, or a problem with your burner area. These are all problems that a service technician can solve, so call today if you require a boiler repair, boiler replacement, boiler installations, or boiler inspections. We also deal with furnace services like repairing and furnace installation in Lancaster, Ohio.

We offer emergency boiler repair services and replacements should you need them. For more information on boiler services, call Roy Mechanical today.

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