The winters in Lancaster are severely cold, making a properly functioning furnace a requirement for residences. If your furnace is not blowing effective warm air during winter, it makes coping with cold weather hard for you and your family. If you are looking for heating repair in Zanesville, Ohio, look no further than Roy Mechanical LLC. We also provide other HVAC services in Lancaster, OH, including furnace replacement, to prepare your system for the up and coming cold season.

Pro tips to prepare your HVAC for winters

In Lancaster, most people prefer a furnace for indoor heating because of its efficient heating even during the lowest temperature. Some expert tips for HVAC maintenance are:

Change old filters

HVAC systems have two types of air filters. The disposable and non-disposable air filter needs cleaning to maintain sufficient air quality and smooth furnace operation. Replace or wash the furnace air filter once every 90 days.

If your furnace system has a large air filter, approximately 5 to 6 inches, clean it annually. Check the air filter and replace it before the winter season for efficient heating.

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Vacuum central heater

Not only air filters but dirt on other components can also degrade your HVAC system. Clean the fan blades and blower with a microfibre cloth. Vacuum the dirt from the air vents.

You should also clean the pilot light following the instructions given in the manufacturer’s manual to prevent slow heating. A clean HVAC unit’s two most essential advantages are highly-efficient heating and fewer heating repairs.

Inspect the central heater

You should inspect the insulation, ductwork, fuse box, and HVAC unit. Any crack, hole, rotting, or other damage on these components will cause leakage and HVAC shutdown.

If you find these components defective, schedule a repair. If your furnace is older than 10 to 12 years and its condition is poor, book furnace replacement in Zanesville, Ohio, before the winter season.

Protect the outdoor unit

You should protect the outdoor unit from broken branches, leaves, and dirt, but do not cover it. Covering the HVAC while running it obstructs the exhaust. Maintain a minimum of a 3 ft distance between plants and the outdoor unit.

The tree branches should be at least 6 to 10 ft from the outdoor equipment. Debris accumulation leads to multiple heating repairs in Zanesville, Ohio. If you prevent the conditions that lead to debris accumulation, your HVAC will work better during winter.

Test the performance

After preparing your HVAC for the winter season, observe its heating performance. Turn the furnace ON for a few hours and ensure it works well.

If it fails to meet your expectations, schedule a heating inspection to know whether you need a repair service or furnace replacement.

Schedule HVAC service in Lancaster for better performance

Annual HVAC service that includes thorough cleaning and inspection will prepare your heater for cold weather. Roy Mechanical LLC is known for its best-quality heating and cooling services. In addition, we provide HVAC repairs and heating tune up in Lancaster, OH.

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