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Heating: Furnace Service In Somerset, OH

Some folks say it’s tough to find reliable furnace service in Somerset, Newark, Zanesville, Lancaster, OH, and surrounding areas, but here at Roy Mechanical, we beg to differ! Your heating system, sooner or later, is bound to experience some issues we are most recommended for heating replacement in Newark, OH. How serious these will be is dependent on whether or not you maintained your home comfort system in regular intervals since you first bought it.

These systems work overtime throughout the years in order to create a comfortable home comfort environment for us and our loved ones. It only makes sense to repay the favor once per year. Help your system with top-tier furnace service, so it can help you by functioning as it should 24/7, and with minimal running costs. Roy Mechanical LLC will always provide the best services of furnace repair near you at the most reasonable prices on the market.

A Reputation For Great Service

At Roy Mechanical, our team has many years of experience under their belts and can provide some of the most reliable services of heating and cooling in Zanesville, OH Somerset, Newark, Lancaster, and surrounding areas. As a member of the local community, we deeply care about our customers and their home comfort. For this reason, we always respond quickly to any service requests we receive, even in the middle of the night.

Give our team a call today as we’ve outperformed our competition by going above and beyond to keep our customers happy. Not only are we equipped with the best tools and experience for the job, but we will take that extra step to make sure our services don’t disrupt your busy schedule.

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If you need furnace repair in Zanesville, OH Newark, Somerset, Lancaster, OH, or the surrounding areas, give our team a call today. For nearly twenty years our highly trained technicians have seen it all and fixed it all when it comes to furnace replacement in Lancaster, Ohio. Our expert technicians will arrive on time and fully prepared to get your heating system back up and running as soon as possible. Call us at (740) 777-2597 to let us know how we can help you.

Have questions? Submit a request through our online request form or give us a call and our specialist will help guide you through the different Heating Service options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Is My Pilot Light Not Working?

Here are five reasons why your furnace pilot light isn’t working.

1. Your furnace pilot light is out due to a lack of airflow. The furnace pilot flame requires a steady source of airflow to keep the gas flowing. If there is not enough ventilation for this specific purpose, it can create issues when starting the furnace.

2. Your furnace pilot light went out due to a lack of fuel. If your furnace is starved for fuel, it can cause the furnace pilot light to go out unexpectedly and create other furnace problems that may not be as easily fixed as relighting a furnace pilot light.

3. The furnace pilot assembly itself is faulty and therefore unable to keep the gas flowing properly.

4. There might be debris blocking the airflow path around or under your furnace, preventing it from being ignited.

5. Finally, if you have an older home and have never replaced your furnace’s thermocouple—a critical part of the furnace that regulates temperature—your furnace may not have enough power to light the pilot light as it should.

Why Does My Furnace Smell Like Burning Plastic?

The most common reason for bad smells coming from your furnace would be dust buildup inside the furnace, causing some kind of smoldering effect on incandescent bulbs or electrical wires located inside the furnace. This is often simply due to carelessness when cleaning furnace and poor furnace maintenance.

The furnace might smell like burning plastic because of a major defect. If this is not fixed, your furnace might break down and stop working altogether, which will require furnace replacement service, and that’s never fun or cheap.

What Are Some Common Heating Repair Problems?

There are several different heating repairs your heating system may require during the Fall and Winter. Knowing what they are will help you understand how to care for your heating system throughout the cold months.

  1. You should change the air filter in your heating system every month or as needed depending on how much you use your heating system. Dirty filters can reduce efficiency by up to 30 percent, so using a clean filter is one way to ensure that you’re getting accurate heating from your heating unit.
  1. Heat exchangers become clogged with dirt and debris during the heating season, which causes the heating unit to work harder and less efficiently than it should. This problem can also cause dangerous heating system malfunctions. If you have heating vents in more than one room, you should clean the heating unit’s heat exchangers inside each vent every two months.
  1. If your heating unit has a pilot light or a glow plug, inspect the heating wires at least once per year to ensure they are not cracked or damaged.

Some of the most common heating reasons we’ve encountered include improper maintenance, clogged air filters, pilot light issues, a broken thermostat, not enough heat or no heat at all, noisy systems, and frequent cycles.

Why Does My Furnace Blow Cold Air?

If your furnace is blowing cold air, check your furnace filter first. If it’s full of debris, then your furnace won’t be able to push any hot air out at all. To ensure your furnace blows hot air, you should replace the filter every few months. Remember, it doesn’t take much dust and debris for this problem to happen, so stay on top of changing those filters. Your furnace will reward you by making its job easier and blowing hotter air in return.

Other possible reasons for the cold air are more serious and need a professional to complete heating services. It could be a broken blower belt or wheel, a rusted or corroded furnace blower, excessive moisture due to poor insulation, a lack of air circulation in the heating chamber.

If your furnace is blowing cold air, call Roy Mechanical today. We can help with your furnace repairs in Lancaster, Zanesville, or any surrounding area.

How Do I Increase The Airflow In My Furnace?

To increase furnace airflow, you’ll want to make sure that your furnace is physically sized correctly for your home.

Also, don’t assume that a furnace can handle running at full capacity all year round; furnace heating capacity will vary depending on the outdoor temperature and humidity levels. You may even need two furnace units to ensure proper year-round heating capacity.

If you think your furnace’s airflow is inadequate or if your furnace unit is not operating at maximum efficiency, first check your furnace filter housing for clogs and clean it out as necessary. Check the furnace blower vents and gas line passageways for any blockages; remove them if necessary. If the furnace has an intake outside, ensure that the intake area isn’t blocked by snow or ice. Finally, inspect your furnace for damage or other problems that might be impeding airflow.

Why Is My Furnace Filter Black?

Furnace filters tend to turn black if they’re continually exposed to scorching furnace surfaces such as the heating element itself. When a furnace isn’t running efficiently, it tends to run hotter than usual in order to compensate for this inefficiency.

However, furnace filters can also turn black if the furnace has been used more frequently due to home renovations or additional people in the house. If someone begins smoking inside or starts cooking with oil, furnace filters will fill up much faster because particles from these sources tend to stay trapped on filter surfaces instead of being released into the air too.