Indoor heating is essential for comfort during winter. Generally, there are two types of heating units, i.e., heat pump and furnace.

Heating systems begin heating when the burner ignites the flame using propane or natural gas. This flame makes the heat exchanger hot enough to produce warm air. The blower, then, blows the hot air indoors.

While a heat pump takes out all the heat from outside natural air, it makes this air warm using electricity and blows it indoors. Installing a gas furnace with a heat pump can be more beneficial. A heat pump’s advantage is its high energy efficiency, whereas a furnace is ideal for heating during the lowest temperature. Let’s see how installing both can benefit you.

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Heat pumps and gas furnace efficiency during winters

Presently, there are low-temperature mini-split HVAC systems available in Lancaster, OH. Such heat pumps work even in -5 degree temperatures with 50% less efficiency. However, their installation cost can be expensive. Most heat pumps work well up to 20-degree temperatures.

The mini-split heat pump does not have any ductwork. Hence, it needs less maintenance and heating repair in Zanesville, Ohio, than the central heater. The furnace is a good choice for cold regions like Ohio, but the running cost of the furnace is higher than the heat pump.

In this case, you can install both during winter to solve the problem of energy efficiency and effective heating.

Reason to install a furnace with a heat pump

Longer heating life

Using two HVAC systems to cope with the winters will ensure less strain on both units. It is because the heat pump will run during half of the winter, whereas the furnace will operate only when the temperature becomes unbearable.

No compromise on comfort

Your HVAC gets extended life and better efficiency when you install a furnace with a heat pump. It will increase your comfort because of less expense of repairs, utility, and furnace replacement in Zanesville, Ohio. In addition, you can use a heat pump during winter.

Add-on efficiency

You can run an energy-efficient heat pump during the moderate winter season and switch to the gas furnace when winter gets worse. If you rely on the furnace only, it will cost high utility bills.

The low energy efficiency can become the reason for furnace replacement. Save money on the monthly HVAC running cost by installing a furnace with a heat pump.

You should also schedule an annual tune-up for your heating units to maintain efficiency, air quality, lifespan, and intact condition. Reduced frequency of furnace tune up Lancaster, OH, is another benefit you experience by scheduling seasonal HVAC maintenance.

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