The moment of fear creeps in when the AC system stops working in the middle of the afternoon. And after spending hours in extreme heat and sweating, the relief when the AC technician comes to repair the AC system is priceless.

But was it necessary to wait for the AC technician to heat temperatures? Our technician has a guide for air conditioning repair in Lancaster, OH, that will help you figure out ways to switch on the AC if it suddenly shuts down.

Resetting the AC is a Way to Switch on the Shut-Down AC System

Resetting is a safety option in the HVAC system that helps reset all the components working and tries to eliminate all the problems building inside the AC that caused the issue.

Just like when electronic gadgets hang up or start behaving abnormally, the experts say to restart it to reset the gadget’s settings, which works perfectly. Similarly, you should try resetting the AC system if it shuts down suddenly.

Situations Where You Can Reset the AC System

Here are some situations, according to experts of air conditioning in Zanesville, where you can reset your AC system:

  • When the AC system shuts down suddenly, you should check the outdoor unit for any electrical mishap or decrease in refrigerant pressure reading. You should try resetting the system to see if it starts working again.
  • Suppose your system starts acting abnormally during operation. In that case, as the airflow decreases, there is no connection with the thermostat, or loud noises start coming from the unit, resetting the unit might help solve the issue.
  • When there is a sudden power surge in the energy, the AC fuse breaks down to protect the AC system from catching fire. After switching the AC fuse, you need to reset the AC system to resume working.

Steps to Reset the AC System

According to the Lancaster heating and air technicians, you can follow the following steps to reset your AC system safely:

  • Shut down the switch of the AC system and flip the indoor and outdoor breaker that supplies power to the AC system.
  • Knowing where you kept the AC instruction manual you got with the purchase, you can easily find the button’s location.
  • If you find the AC system, press the reset button for 3-5 seconds and release the button.
  • Wait for 5-10 minutes before switching the power breakers and AC system switches.
  • Set the thermostat settings to cool and lower the temperature to your preferred settings.
  • Place your hands in front of the AC vents to check whether the AC is working.

How to Reset a Window AC System?

To reset the window air conditioning system, the best way, according to the experts of air conditioning repair in Lancaster, OH, is to switch off all the power breakers and AC system switches and wait 10-15 minutes.

If you feel insecure or uncomfortable resetting your AC system, then you should consult the technician at the air conditioning company in Zanesville for quick expert assistance. You can call Roy Mechanical, LLC for expert assistance regarding AC issues or resetting techniques.