A furnace that keeps your home comfortable and warm is an absolute necessity for every house. However, when your furnace keeps tripping the fuse, it quickly becomes the most frustrating appliance.

In this article, we will try to understand why the fuse trips in the first place. We will then take a look at why your furnace keeps tripping the fuse and how you can fix the underlying problems that are causing this. We will also find out what kind of services in furnace repair or furnace replacement in Lancaster, OH, Lancaster or Zanesville have.

Why Does the Fuse Trip?

You may not be aware but circuit breakers are in fact safety devices that protect your home from potential fires.

Each wire in your home has a specific capacity of electricity it can carry. If the electrical load in a wire is pushed beyond its limit, it can overheat, melt and cause a fire. In such situations, a circuit breaker trips and shuts down the power supply so as to prevent a hazard. It is, thus, important to not ignore if your fuse keeps tripping since it is indicating you have a deeper problem.

Why Does Your Furnace Keep Tripping the Fuse?

If your furnace keeps tripping the fuse time and time again, it’s time you attend to it right away. There can be four possible explanations for this:

  1. An overloaded furnace
  2. An overloaded shared circuit
  3. The short circuit inside your furnace
  4. Circuit breaker problems

An Overloaded Furnace

Usually, due to dirty air filters or blocked air vents, your furnace has to work extra hard to suck in the air from your home. This causes it to pull more electricity than it ideally should and becomes overloaded. In such a scenario, the fuse trips to ensure safety.

Cleaning the dirty air filters can help in restoring your furnace to normal functioning. Get services of HVAC in Zanesville, Ohio.

An Overloaded Shared Circuit

Many old homes around Ohio have shared circuits that power multiple devices. Ideally, a furnace should run on its independent circuit.

Sometimes, multiple devices connected to the same circuits can overload the circuit causing it to pull more electricity than it should.

A simple solution in such a case is to turn off other appliances while using your furnace. However, a better solution is to get professional help and switch your furnace to its independent circuit.

Short circuit in your furnace

Short circuits are a result of a hot wire inside your furnace touching a neutral wire or a hot wire touching some other grounded part inside your furnace. A short circuit greatly increases the risk of pulling a large current in making the switch trip instantly. Instead of performing a DIY, call experts for HVAC repair in Lancaster.

Circuit breaker problems

It is also possible that the problem lies outside the furnace possibly in the electrical panel. Your breaker may be damaged or electric connections may be faulty causing the constant tripping.

One-stop solution to all these problems

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