A blown fuse can indicate a major electrical issue. There can be many reasons, but if the deep-rooted issue is not addressed, the fuse will continue to blow even after multiple replacements. It is necessary to find out the cause to resolve it.

Reasons For Furnace Blown Fuse:

Our team of experts at Roy Mechanical LLC has identified some of the common issues that might be the reason for a blown fuse.

Faulty Air Filters

The efficiency of the air filters depends on the size of the room, and it needs to be replaced from time to time. Usually, dust, dirt, and debris enter the air filter and block the motor, blowing the fuses. There is even a chance of fire if the issue is not looked into and solved immediately.

The best solution to the problem is to replace the air filters from time to time. Our experts at Roy Mechanical LLC have been trained to tackle this issue, and our service plans make sure that the furnace is serviced at least once every quarter. We have the best technicians for furnace repair in Lancaster, Ohio.

Faulty wiring and Short Circuit

Short circuits are some of the most common reasons for blown fuses. Sometimes there is an issue with the furnace’s wiring, and it may lead to short circuits. It is a job to be done by the experts due to the high hazard factor. We are the top furnace replacement in Lancaster, Ohio, and can resolve this issue and help your furnace attain its total productivity.

Shorts in the Thermostats

If the wiring inside the thermostats gets exposed to the metal frame or touches the metal frame, fuses may blow. Sometimes the metal frames may also cause the voltage to fluctuate, making the wires handle the voltage more than their capacity, causing a thermostat to short. It can also blow off the control board, and the furnace may turn off until fixed. Call our technicians if you need any aid.

Leaking Water Sources

Water leaks within the furnaces are common but can be a major issue if not paid regular attention to. It might even damage the unit. Water leakage seems to be a slight issue but tends to cause huge problems like blowing fuses and repairing blowing fuses would cost you more than repairing the water leakage. Our technicians will help you resolve the issue right when you need assistance for furnace tune up in Lancaster, OH.

Failed Valves

Valve failures are an issue mostly found in gas furnaces. If you own a gas furnace, make sure that the valves function well. Always be sure about the proper opening and shutting of the valve. Sometimes the valve gets blocked, and as a result, the heat either stays inside or too much heat is passed out. It can overheat the furnace and cause a fire eventually. Roy Mechanical LLC helps you overcome such issues whenever you face them.

Why Roy Mechanical LLC?

Blowing furnaces might seem harmless but may point to a major technical problem. If you face the same issue, contact us on our website or social media links at Roy Mechanical LLC.

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