A malfunctioning furnace during the winter can quickly lead to cold air entering your home through cracks and gaps, especially if you have drafts in your home or poorly insulated windows. Before winter arrives, it is important to perform maintenance on your system to avoid this from happening. Maintenance service is important for furnaces to ensure they run well. Contact Roy Mechanical LLC for heating tune-up in Lancaster, OH, to get your system running in optimal condition.

Some Warning Signs That Indicate Your Furnace May Fail

Annoying Sounds

Whenever you hear metallic sounds from your furnace, it indicates something is wrong with the system, such as a blockage in the vent pipe. Contact Roy Mechanical LLC for furnace repair in Lancaster, Ohio if you suspect a problem with your furnace.

Strange Smell

The presence of a strange smell indicates that the furnace is overheating. To prevent any damage, turn off your furnace as soon as you notice this.

Lack of Heat

Everyone should keep an eye out for this issue. The most common cause is that the pilot light has gone out. It should be reported immediately so that you can have your unit repaired. You may even have to replace the unit or a few components. If you require assistance contact Roy Mechanical LLC for heating services, including furnace replacement in Lancaster, Ohio.

Inconsistent Temperature

The draft might cause your furnace not to heat your whole house evenly. Cleaning and inspecting the ducts by a professional is needed, as they may contain loose vents or cracks in the sheetrock from where the air escapes.

Things to Do When Your Furnace Isn't Working.

Check the Pilot Light

The first thing you need to do if you own a furnace with a pilot light is to ensure it is still burning. The thermocouple may be malfunctioning. In case you need assistance, contact a professional. So contact our expert HVAC in Lancaster, OH.

Make sure the doors are open

You should keep your home’s doors open if you don’t have a good heating system. By doing so, the warm air from the rest of the house will still be able to reach the areas that would otherwise be too cold without a strong heating source.

Backup heating systems

If your furnace does go out, you should have a backup plan. If your heating system suddenly gives up, you can purchase space heaters or furnaces to keep you warm. The size and shape of space heaters vary greatly, depending on whether they are powered by electricity, propane, or kerosene. So call HVAC in Zanesville, Ohio.

Necessary precautions

You should never stay inside your home without asking for help if you aren’t sure it is safe. You should immediately leave your house if you smell a strong gas smell or see any smoke or sparks near the location where the gas pipe enters your home.


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