Winter has been one of the most loved seasons by all. Nonetheless, the cold weather can be a bit of an inconvenience. Fortunately, we have furnaces to keep us warm and cozy. But, if you hear any weird noises emanating from your furnace, there is probably an issue.

Like other equipment, furnaces also produce noises while running. Also, these sounds can be extremely annoying, even if it occurs for a brief time. These noises may be a warning sign, signaling you to contact one of the top Lancaster HVAC companies.

Different Furnace Noises and Their Meaning

Even if you are scheduling a service, it is essential to understand what different sounds of furnaces mean.

  • Dry Grinding or Squealing

When belts and bearings lose lubrication, friction is created and produces a dry squealing sound. Another reason for it might be dirty or worn-out motor bearings. If the bearings are not replaced, the motor may overheat and burn. Calling a technician who provides heating and cooling in Zanesville, Ohio, is the right thing to do in such cases.

  • Fierce Clicking

A problem in the heat exchanger can lead to a carbon monoxide leak, which is extremely deadly. An immediate furnace repair is essential if a loud clicking sound comes from the heat exchanger or the ignition.

  • Booming or Rattling

A dirty or un serviced furnace with grime on the gas burner can cause a rattling or rumbling sound when ignited. The dirt further blocks the gas jet, preventing the furnace from functioning properly.

  • Banging Sound When the Furnace Starts

A popping or banging sound indicates the inability of the burner to combust the fuel. The fuel builds up around the burner and creates a banging sound when the burner gets hot enough. You might even hear popping sounds in the ducts. It occurs when ducts expand and contract with temperature changes. In that case, you should get your furnace tune up in Lancaster, OH.

  • Clanging

A clanging noise is heard when the blower motor fan belt slips out of place or gets corroded. Schedule a furnace repair to replace the belt before it breaks and leads to bigger problems.

Other noises like chirping when the furnace starts first, a brief clicking sound on startup, or occasional pinging sounds are normal. However, any noise that persists for a long time can be a serious issue. If these noises are addressed early, you would not have to invest in an unnecessary furnace replacement in Lancaster, Ohio.

Practices to Avoid Furnace Noises

With regular furnace servicing, furnace tune-up, and maintenance sessions, your furnace can be fit at all times. Cleaning your furnace to avoid airflow obstruction is another important factor to be taken care of. Ultimately, being vigilant about the changes in your system at all times is essential. Being alert helps in fixing the furnace issue at the earliest.

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