Maintaining your furnace unit regularly is essential to ensure it runs safely and effectively during the cold winter months. Performing maintenance also contributes to increased comfort and lower utility bills.

It’s important to note that preventive furnace maintenance involves several factors that contribute to ensuring your furnace runs optimally throughout the year. For the best furnace tune-up in Lancaster, OH, contact Royal Mechanical LLC.

Benefits of a furnace tune-up

In addition to ensuring safety regulations are met, when appropriate performance is maintained, and the furnace’s overall condition is in good working order, furnace tune-up services address every furnace area on the outside and inside.

You should perform your furnace tune-up every year at the end of summer or early fall to prevent serious malfunctions, reduce the need for repairs, and maintain overall performance.

Checklist for comprehensive furnace maintenance

For your furnace’s optimal performance, here is a comprehensive maintenance checklist.

Upkeep of furnace air filters

Air filters protect your home from dust, dirt, and other air impurities. A filter inside the furnace’s return air duct from which the fan draws air. To maintain fresh air in your home, you should replace your air filters every 1-2 months.

Burner upkeep

Flames are produced by the furnace’s burner, which burns gas. Since flame gets burned, the burner is highly susceptible to carbon and soot buildup. To ensure proper operation and cleanliness, it is advisable to inspect the burner assembly frequently. So contact Lancaster HVAC companies.

In addition, you should turn off the gas and electricity in your furnace before checking the burners. You should never perform furnace maintenance while the electricity is on! You can now see inside your furnace by opening the cover panel.

Burner manifold upkeep

In a furnace, fuel is injected into the burners through a manifold. The flame or fuel is discharged from the manifold through small orifices facing the burners. Fuel flow is controlled by a valve assembly attached to the manifold. Get in touch with Royal Mechanical LLC for heating services in Zanesville, OH.

Clean the tiny orifices in the burner manifold to ensure they are not clogged. Scrape any accumulation with a fine wire or paper clip inserted through the paperclip aperture.

Flame sensor cleaning

The flame sensor is another component that requires maintenance. All burners must be lit using the flame sensor. A flame sensor that cannot detect a flame will turn off the furnace. The flame sensor will inadvertently shut down your furnace if it is dirty, even when all burners are lit. So contact our technicians for the heating and cooling in Zanesville, Ohio.

The flame sensor’s wire should be unplugged to be cleaned. It is easy to identify the flame sensor since it only has one wire. Flame sensors are usually held in place by a single, readily available screw. Clean the metal spike after removing the flame sensor to remove any accumulated char.


If you are looking for a reputable HVAC service provider for your furnace tune-up, look no further than Royal Mechanical LLC offering services including furnace installation in Zanesville, Ohio and the surrounding areas. Our experts can help with your diverse heating and air conditioning issues at affordable prices.