There is nothing like a chilled wave of a good air conditioner after a long commute in the hot summer weather. And to keep the heavenly feeling of tranquility, we all have started using air conditioners all day long. With this comes the higher electric bills.

Although, what we all fail to understand is that higher usage of the air conditioner can also lead to inefficiency which will ultimately lead to even higher bills. As with all Mechanical things, air conditioners need to be maintained too. Roy Mechanical, LLC is the best in business for AC replacement in Lancaster, OH.

Few Reasons That Might Be Affecting the Efficiency of Your AC:

Clogged Air Filter:

Any standard air conditioner comes with an inbuilt air filter to protect its inside components. The filter will accumulate dust particles over time which will then block the airflow. The air filter must be cleaned or changed every 1-3 months to save on electric bills as well as get better cooling performance.

Dirty Coils:

When the indoor or outdoor coils accumulate dirt, your air conditioner will consume more energy to throw the air out. The outdoor unit is especially prone to dirt and must be cleaned by professionals. The coils need to be taken out before cleaning and it’s advisable to not do it on your own. Roy Mechanical is one of the best AC companies in Zanesville to do it for you.

Thermostat Malfunction:

It may happen sometimes that the thermostat is mis calibrated. This malfunction will cause your air conditioner to either run too much or too little. It is not an ideal state for optimum performance of your air conditioner since it will either cause discomfort or increase your power bills. If you see this pattern in your air conditioning Zanesville, Roy Mechanical offers the best Lancaster air conditioning repair and maintenance services.


The simplest cause of inefficiency in your air conditioner can be that it’s just too old now. The life cycle of air conditioners is about 15-20 years when they are maintained well. After which it will start causing frequent maintenance issues and consume more power.

You should contact AC companies in Zanesville such as Roy Mechanical to determine if it is time for you to replace your old air conditioner with a new one.

Motor Inefficiency:

A motor will need lubrication and removal of dust for it to perform at optimum levels. There will be an energy drain when the motors are not cleaned or lubricated regularly.

Roy Mechanical has the best AC repair in Newark and maintenance services for your air conditioning in Zanesville. They have got the best customer service and highly professional staff. You can be at ease while their professional help is doing what is best for your equipment.

Unlike other AC contractors, Roy Mechanicals believe in the policy of repairing before replacing as a last resort. They have the best record for customer satisfaction.

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