Air conditioners have made our lives easier. During summers, air conditioners make the environment survivable. However, what happens when a thunderstorm strikes in your area? Do you keep the air conditioner running or switch it off immediately? This blog will help you understand what you must do with your air conditioners when a thunderstorm arrives.

Firstly, your air conditioners must be switched off during a thunderstorm. Running your air conditioner in a thunderstorm can have adverse effects on your system and maybe hazardous for your family and you. Keeping your air conditioning in Zanesville switched off will not be an issue as the temperature and humidity decrease when a storm shows up.

Why Should I Not Run My Air Conditioner In A Thunderstorm?

A lot of professional AC companies in Zanesville recommend switching off the air conditioner if you observe a thunderstorm. Here’s why –

Possibility of Lightning

Though lighting does not need to strike during a thunderstorm, there are substantial possibilities and these possibilities should not be ignored. The lightning can hit the electrically vulnerable spots in your house like the main electrical unit, from where your whole house draws electricity. If the lighting strikes, a huge amount of energy can flow through your electric equipment and can heavily damage them, especially your air conditioner. You will have to bear a massive expense for heating and cooling in Zanesville, Ohio, from where your house draws electricity.

Power Surge

The lightning also leads to a major power surge that can greatly harm your air conditioner. The control panel of the AC is most affected by the power surge. If you are lucky, you would only have to replace the control panel, however, if the power surge is magnanimous, you will have to purchase a new unit for air conditioning.

Other Air Conditioner Damages

If you keep the air conditioner running, the thunderstorm can melt the plugs of the unit and the whole electric system can be disrupted.

Lightning strikes are rare in a thunderstorm and so it is generally safe to keep the window air conditioner plugged in. However, it is wise to unplug the window air conditioner as a precautionary measure. The lightning does not cause an explosion but damages the unit intensely, leading to a significant burden on your pocket.

Air Conditioner Protection During a Thunderstorm

Your air conditioner comes with a surge protector, however, it cannot efficiently protect against the surge caused by lightning. The first step to protect your air conditioner is to unplug it. Secondly, if you live in an area where you experience frequent lightning strikes, you can call AC companies to install a protection system made of lightning rods, conductors, and ground rods. Nonetheless, the protection system is again not 100% effective, thus, your best bet is to unplug your system.

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