A furnace has numerous parts and components that work together to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. If any part malfunctions, the whole system loses its efficiency. One such important and necessary part of a furnace is its pilot light.

If you have an old furnace, you may have to manually light up the pilot light for the furnace to start working. It may happen that the pilot light does not ignite, no matter how many times you try. In such cases, you should try these effective tips before you contact a professional technician for heater repair in Zanesville.

Useful tips to know about pilot light

Dirty burners and other parts

If the pilot light does not switch, turn off the furnace and remove its power supply, then thoroughly clean your furnace and every part visible to you. An old furnace that has not been cleaned for several months and years leads to a severe collection of debris.

This debris does not allow the furnace to function properly. Due to this, the pilot light does not switch on. A thorough cleaning before using your furnace this winter should do the trick.

Thermocouple malfunctioning

If you know some details about a furnace, you know a thermocouple safety component. The basic function of a thermocouple is to maintain safety levels in the furnace by regulating the gas flow to the pilot light.

If the pilot light faces problems, the thermocouple will break the gas flow, and your furnace will not work. However, if the thermocouple faces problems, your pilot light will not burn, and your furnace will not generate any heat. Check your thermocouple for signs of damage and replace it yourself or contact a technician if necessary.

Gas supply issues

As we said, a thermocouple will break the gas flow if the pilot light faces problems, and the pilot light will not burn if the thermocouple faces damage. However, if both of them are operating with no issues, yet your furnace is not working, the reason may be problems with the gas supply.

If there is an insufficient gas supply to the pilot light, it will not burn, and no heat will come from the furnace. Check the gas supply for leakages or contact a professional who provides heating and cooling in Zanesville, Ohio, to check it.

Absence of pilot light

If you recently bought a new home with an in-built furnace or a new furnace, you should know the details of that heating system. We mean that your new furnace may not have a pilot light in the first place.

Before purchasing a new furnace or owning a new system, understand what type of furnace it is. You may try to burn the pilot light several times with no results, and the reason could be that the new furnace does not need to be lit manually.


Many other reasons can lead to issues with the pilot light, and the pilot light is not the only component in a furnace that faces damage. In such cases, you need a trustworthy Lanchaster HVAC companies to help you with your furnace problems, and Roy Mechanical LLC is your right choice. Contact us at (740) 777-2597 or email us to book an appointment.