With increasingly hot weather conditions, air conditioners are now necessary for most houses in the United States. Increased temperatures make it difficult to be comfortable in Ohio, especially without proper cooling insulation at home. In such circumstances, an efficient air conditioning in Zanesville plays a vital role in ensuring comfort.

You wouldn’t want your ACs to stop working suddenly in the middle of a hot summer day. You must have regular maintenance and servicing sessions for your air conditioners to prevent this.

Five Facts You Should Know About AC Filters

An important part of the air conditioner is the air conditioning filters. These remove the solid contaminants like smoke, dust, pollen, grease, etc., to ensure that the room’s occupants get good quality air.

Here are some facts about AC filters:

AC Filters Come in Different Types and Sizes

Often, people mistake every air conditioner for having the same filter. However, this is not the case. Several types of filters come in all shapes and sizes. Every air conditioner has its ideal type and size of the air filter.

Your air conditioner might have its standard or custom size. You can check the requirement from the manual that you get with your air conditioner service in Lancaster, OH.

You Must Check and Clean These Filters at Regular Intervals

Over a period, the air filter is bound to collect dirt, dust, and debris. You must regularly check and clean your air filters and replace them if needed.

When a lot of dirt accumulates on the air filter, the efficiency of the air conditioner reduces because less air can get in, and the air is not clean anymore. You must replace the reusable filter at least once every three months.

All About the MERV

The minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) is the industry standard for air filters. These filters are rated between 1 and 16. Generally, people assume that the filters with the highest MERV would give maximum output.

At times, the filters above the required MERV might restrict airflow. It would further strain the air conditioners and reduce their efficacy.

Vacuuming is Not Enough

There’s a reason why the air filters are disposable. You must replace your air filters every three months to maintain the filter’s efficiency. Often, the owners vacuum these filters to clean off the dust and dirt.

However, it only contaminates the air in your room. Using wet filters can result in the development of mould within no time. Contact professional services that provide cleaning of AC filters.

Hire Professional For HVAC Services

Contact a trained and experienced professional to properly check, replace, and install the air filters. The DIY cleaning methods and your attempt to install the air filters on your own might damage these air filters, rendering them useless.

To get a better idea about the type of air filter that best suits your air conditioner or to install or replace the air filters of your air conditioners, contact an AC contractor at Zanesville. We offer the best HVAC products and services at reasonable prices. Contact Roy Mechanical LLC today for the best HVAC services.