Although modern air conditioning units are designed for efficiency, there are particular false beliefs many people still cling to when it comes to their energy bill and air conditioning. Air conditioning in Zanesville has existed for many years, but many people still have trouble distinguishing certain air conditioning facts from fiction.

Most Common Myths About Air Conditioning

Here are five common air conditioning myths that we will help you debunk, which may help boost your energy savings –

Myth 1: Keep the Air Conditioning Unit Running to Save Money

Air conditioning systems consume a lot of electricity. The longer they are kept on, the more power they use. If you will be gone for many hours, turn off the cooling system or set the thermostat at a higher temperature. If you have a programmable thermostat, employ the timer and program the air conditioning unit to cool the room about thirty minutes before arriving. In this way, you will be saving on energy while bringing down the room temperature to a suitably comfortable level.

Myth 2: Thermostat Placement Doesn’t Matter

This might be something you’ve never even pondered upon, but the placement of your thermostat can considerably affect your residence’s energy efficiency. It should be fixed in a place that allows for effective adjustment. Beyond that, the U.S. Department of Energy recommends it should also be on an internal wall, kept away from any direct sunlight, doorways, skylights, drafts, and windows. Also, there should be no furniture placed below or in front of your thermostat.

Myth 3: Setting the Thermostat at the Lowest Level Makes Cooling Faster

Initially, this thought made sense. After all, an air conditioner set at the lowest temperature only means that the air in the room will cool more rapidly. However, air conditioning systems are designed to cool air at the same rate regardless of the setting on the thermostat. Contact professionals for Lancaster air conditioning repair.

Myth 4: The Bigger the AC Unit, the Better

Yes, the size of your AC matters, but it’s more vital to find an air conditioning unit that is appropriately sized for your home, not just the largest one you can find. Also, improperly sized air conditioning systems tend to cycle more often, which leads to accelerated wear and tear.

Myth 5: Close Vents in Rooms that are Not in Use

Closing off vents throws off the subtle balance of air distribution through your house. Closing vents can cool the inside of your air duct.

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